Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seriously: I feel left out :(

Currently blogging from my SiDeKiCk....

Why do I feel left out u ask? Well because my homegirls son pulled my charger out my laptop so fast it broke it! So now my laptop has been completely dead for the past week and some change and I am waiting for HP to mail me a new one, which should explain why I haven't blogged. Still wondering how that makes me feel left out? Here are a few reasons:

-Cam has finally made his comeback {just like I told ya'll a few blogs ago} and without my laptop I am missing all the videos about it. Oh but please believe I seen his new video "I hate my job" the day it was on the net by walking to a neighbors house and using their slow as computer. That would be the Piff Of The Week but can't post it frm the KiCk. Oh and Cam is on the cover of the April issue of XXL!

-50 and Officer Ross have the internet and radios going nutts with their "beef" and I haven't seen not one of the beef videos. {Sidenote: I think 50 madd Cam is coming back and wants 2 take all the shine off him lol}

-The Grammys come on today and since I just moved in my apartment we don't have cable yet and since my laptop isn't working, I can't watch it on there either! So everybody is bout to call me later tonight saying "did u see that nigga" or "yo his performance was good right" and they will hear a dial tone!

So yea....I feel pretty left out :(

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WTF!! Serius Jones and Charles Hamilton cipher at SOB's

WTF was Charles Hamilton thinking trying to get in with Serius...even if he just wanted to have fun, don't do it to urself....I always said Serius is a battler that does his thing everytime and you gotta come hard if you wanna battle him! OMG he washed lil Sonic the Hedgehog out lmao!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WORD ON THE STREET {ok maybe the web} IS......

Cam'ron shot a new video the other day. Don't worry, my source is a good one and I believe it! OMG to excited to function right now :)

Byrd Gang Movie Trailor

First it me or is Jim trying to do every single thing with Byrd Gang that Cam did with Dipset?? He tryin to be like Cam making the Killa Season movie...Well's not working the same way for him {haha thats good for him} and second off....there can't be a Byrd Gang movie without Stack Bundles..R.I.P

Mickey Factz,Curt@!n$,Smoke DZA & Theophilus London Cipher

Mickey Factz is on point and I'm really start to like Curt@!n$

Lil' Wayne releases first ROCK single....

Ok so so this song Prom Queen is the first single off of Lil Waynes upcoming Rock album "The Rebirth" that drops April 7th....I'm not to sure {Confused face}....I mean Kanye changed his sound with "808s And Heartbreak" but I don't know...ummm....yea {someone put there input in here}

Lupe Fiasco Converse

The Lupe Fiasco Chuck Taylor Hi is finally getting released this year.....after I thought it was coming out last part of the Converse (Product) Red Spring 2009 1Hund(red) artist series. There still isn't a offical realease date yet.

Trina and Kenyon Martin Engaged???

I hope so! I love Trina and I'm glad she is happy! F.Y.I (for those who don't know) Kenyon is a basketball player for the Denver Nuggets.

It's being said that Barack Obama motivated him to pop the question. His friend says, "Kenyon was inspired by Barack, watching The President's relationship with Michelle was probably what pushed Kenyon to pop the question."

New Ish: Mavado-I'm So Special

This shit is madd old in New York but he just came out with a video..which is ight but damn a fake Lambo? He couldn't atleast rent one?

New Ish: Rebstar (Feat. Trey Songz) - Without You

Trey Songz killed this song....this some heavy shit makes me wanna go make up with my man today!

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Ish: B.o.B- Lonely People

This is off his new mixtape "Who the F$@K is B.o.B" which is available now....I really like this!

How did I miss these!?!?

Kanye's high top design...OMG how the hell am I gonna get $$ to pay for all these Kanye shoes! Just to let ya'll know my 21st b-day coming u {hint hint}

New Ish: Jim Jones- Na Na (We Getting Money Like)

No...I am not feeling this wack shit!

My 25...

I usually don't do chain letter shit but this one is going around Facebook and when I got to me I decided to do it...I never really blog to much about me so maybe u can learn more about this bitch...enjoy!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you

1. I think about my future plans with Cam'ron DAILY {maybe that isn't random to those who know me}.

2. My bestfriend Miriam had the most influence on me moving to New York....and even though her advice usually sucks, she is the most positive person in my life.

3. One of my life goals is to go to all seven continents, Africa being the last stop so I can volunteer there for a whole summer.

4. My greatest fear is death.

5. Everytime I hear a bitch say "I wish I was tall like you, your lucky" I want to smack them till they are 8 feet under.(for u dummies, when u are buried it is not 6 feet that is just a stupid saying).

6. I think Kanye West is the freshest, dopest, most creative person and I wish I can hang out with him.

7. I refuse to get a degree in fashion design even though I plan on having my own clothing company because the teachers try to make you design their will my clothing line be different if every student learns the same excat way? {f.y.i I am gettin my degree in Fashion Merchandising/Marketing}

8. Even though nobody believes us, me and my boy bestfriend Keshawn has NEVER had sex, or TRYED to for that matter.....{sidenote: we never kissed either}

9. I gave up a full basketball schlorship, plus $2,000 a semester, free apartment and $100 a week to move to New York....where, by the way, I have to pay for my own schooling and pay $550 a month for my half of rent.

10. I seen a real angel before.

11. I want to have 10 tatts...right now I have 6.

12. I think everyone in the whole world has ugly feet...they are digusting.

13. I was born on Friday the 13th.

14. I really think my nephew will have balance problems when he gets older cause his head outweighs the rest of his body...but then again his mom turned out ok.

15. I once went to retarded school {Chinchuba} for one year when I was like 5.

16. I think my sister Jessica is the weirdest, lamest, funnyest, ditsy, secretly born blonde haired person ever.16. I think my bestfriend Candice can be the billboard for why I don't like females but somehow we became close like sisters.

17. I have a serious shopping addiction. {the first step is to admit the problem lol}

18. Me and my sisters were all born in May.

19. I really don't miss anything about New Orleans except my friends and family.

20. I hold a secret with my friend/first roommate in NY, Ciara that gives up to 20 yrs jail time. {Loyalty is everything}

21. I have never been a God mommy yet but I am a aunt to 2 boys and 4 girls.

22. I am obsessed with making sex comments to my bestfriend Miriam.

23. I was falsely arrested here in New York for"assulting" a Chinese lady that hit my roommate Ciara in the head with her chinese know the kind they sell for $1 in the beauty supply store.

24. I don't want to get married.

25. This shit is wack but u bitches aint wavy....owwwwwwwwww!!!

Ok now I feel better!!

I thought Kanye only had men shoes for the Louie collection but there are girls too!! These are dope!! Now I gotta figure out how I'm gonna afford them :)

Martin Louie The King Jr

Lmao...lame but fresh

Friday, January 23, 2009

Louis Vuitton sneaker designed by Kanye West....what do you think?

Kanye designed 5 pairs of sneakers for the LV brand. They were finally displayed for the world to see at the Louis Vuitton show this past week. The only ones that were worn in the show were the red ones but the other ones were displayed. What do you think about them? I actually like them...the red and black ones the most...but will never get me a pair unless somebody else is gonna buy me some when they go to stores in June :) Im sure they will be madd expensive!

Here are the red ones that were worn during the show:

Here are the nude color ones:

Piff of the week: Cam'ron-Daydreaming

By the way he made this song for me :) Its off his third album "Come Home With Me" that came out in 2002.

New Ish: John Legend-Everybody Knows


Ok so I was missing again...sorry :( Neways to update since my last blog:

1. The Biggie movie was the shit, I can see why Lil' Kim was mad cause they did do her dirty but the movie was still good. It was funny and the only sad part was of course when he died.

2. Every week Skull Gang is putting out a new video and here is the 2nd one, I didn't put up the first one cause I think it is aggravating..

3. It is now President Obama not President elect!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Biggie movie comes out today!

I'm sure u haven't forgotten because they are promoting it HEAVY but make sure u check it out. I'm madd excited to see it but I live in Brooklyn so its gonna be like a party at the movies, and I really hate sitting in the show when madd people singing along with the movie and I'm pretty sure thats wats gonna happen. But I'm gonna stay away from bootleg for this movie and put some more money in Ms.Wallace pockets...sorry Lil' Kim.

.....oh and {sidenote} Gravy, the nigga that plays Biggie, is a good actor and all but he is feeling himself a lil' to much in this video. Remember that u was acting like Biggie, u are not him. But yea, u are still a good actor and did a good job acting like Biggie. Oh and he thinks the movie will sell $50 million for opening weekend!?!?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Ish: Bynoe-I Get It In

This is off Tha Riot Squad's new mixtape "Reservoir Dogs" which is coming soon...make sure u check out their website!

New Ish: Jha Jha feat. Stack Bundles- My Way

If Jha Jha was never a part of Dipset, I probably would have never paid her no mind...considering the fact I only really like about 2 female rappers...but she once was a part of Dipset so I heard her music and actually liked some of it. After she left Dipset I still listened to her shit but not really like before. Well I guess she is doin a new project and she released this song and I love it....I love it even more cause Stack Bundles {R.I.P} is on it. If she push this right she can get her solo career really started.

Jenny Boom Boom interviews Freekey and Jim Jones...Freekey says he will bring Dipset back together,was in the studio with Cam and is still loyal 2 him

LMAO @ Freekey

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Congratulations Nas & Kelis!!!

They are supposed to be expecting!! I think they are the cutest couple and I love Kelis {no homo} so I am so happy for them!