Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seriously: I feel left out :(

Currently blogging from my SiDeKiCk....

Why do I feel left out u ask? Well because my homegirls son pulled my charger out my laptop so fast it broke it! So now my laptop has been completely dead for the past week and some change and I am waiting for HP to mail me a new one, which should explain why I haven't blogged. Still wondering how that makes me feel left out? Here are a few reasons:

-Cam has finally made his comeback {just like I told ya'll a few blogs ago} and without my laptop I am missing all the videos about it. Oh but please believe I seen his new video "I hate my job" the day it was on the net by walking to a neighbors house and using their slow as computer. That would be the Piff Of The Week but can't post it frm the KiCk. Oh and Cam is on the cover of the April issue of XXL!

-50 and Officer Ross have the internet and radios going nutts with their "beef" and I haven't seen not one of the beef videos. {Sidenote: I think 50 madd Cam is coming back and wants 2 take all the shine off him lol}

-The Grammys come on today and since I just moved in my apartment we don't have cable yet and since my laptop isn't working, I can't watch it on there either! So everybody is bout to call me later tonight saying "did u see that nigga" or "yo his performance was good right" and they will hear a dial tone!

So yea....I feel pretty left out :(

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